Supporting Patient Mobility With Innovative Drug Packaging

Packaging integrity plays a vital role in the safety and efficiency of medical products, especially with today’s growing home care trend. As hospital costs continue to rise, more and more patients are opting for more affordable outpatient or home care treatment solutions. Since normal hospital drugs are infused using bags and sets, providing care outside of the hospital setting requires an entirely different method of packaging and case packing medications. According to business director Hans Peter Manser, “New drug delivery systems allowing for a total freedom to move as well as simple applications are required to meet these needs.”

The Electronic Pill Dispenser

smart bottleOne of the most recent innovations to help make home care more reliable is an electronic pill dispenser developed by Amcor Rigid Plastics and Confrerie Clinique. It is called the S.M.R.T Bottle, and it is a pill dispensing system with a number of perks. First and foremost, its clock and calendar features work with a unit dose tablet detector to register the time, date, and number of doses taken. That data is stored in the bottle’s memory and can not only be read and displayed on the bottle, but can also be sent to any smartphone for easy browsing.

According to Greg Rosati, Amcor’s marketing director for healthcare, “The pill dispenser is a major technological advancement that not only offers effective bill dispensing but also digital communication to ensure patient adherence.” Though something so advanced might seem unaffordable and unattainable, its two piece assembly can actually be created for any existing pill bottles and filling lines, which means packaging companies do not need to change their sealing processes to take advantage of this modern technology.

If outpatient and home care patients begin using the S.M.R.T Bottle cartoner, they can provide clear and concise information to their physicians and take better care of themselves independently. The product is currently in field trials and is anticipated for commercialization in 2017.…